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About the Garden

King’s Garden of King's Home is a fully operational farm with an educational horticultural program offering hope and healing through agriculture experiences.

Where Hope Grows

King's Garden provides horticultural experiences for residents of King's Home along with local nonprofits and community groups. The fruits of our labor provide farm-fresh produce, flowers, honey, and eggs for residents of King's Home along with members of our community.

Image by Elaine Casap
Image by Jed Owen

Growing Hope

The goal of King's Garden is to help King’s Home residents and other participants develop needed skills and character traits, such as accountability, responsibility, self-confidence, problem-solving skills, work-ethic, sowing and reaping, along with healthy eating habits. 

While in the garden, participants learn the importance of producing and consuming fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Our gardeners learn how to plant from seed, harvest crops, and prepare healthy meals with produce grown at King's Garden. They also learn about the importance of bees and how to harvest honey. Plus, they learn how to care for chickens and harvest eggs!

Through learning real agricultural skills, King's Home residents and members of our community are able to walk away with life lessons that stretch far beyond their time at King’s Garden.

Join the Cause

You can support King's Garden by purchasing goods, volunteering on the farm, bringing your groups for horticultural experiences, donating gardening materials, and/or donating monetarily.

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