What is King’s Garden?

           King’s Garden is a program of King’s Home that provides educational and horticultural experiences for King’s Home residents and staff, other non-profit ministries, schools and the Birmingham area community. We are also a working garden, providing produce, eggs, and flowers to our residents and the community.  Opportunities are also created for our youth to learn about farming, work ethics and entrepreneurial jobs.

What are some examples of what you do?

          We have one hour sessions for King’s Home youth several times a week that focuses on anything farm/garden related (learning about harvesting seeds, planting, managing, farm-to-table cooking, learning about bees, chickens, etc.).  We provide similar opportunities to groups, be it other ministries like ours, homeschoolers, schools, volunteers, and others.  We also partner with farmers and organizations such as professors from Tuskegee University, Alabama Extension agents, and Master Gardeners, to bring a variety of knowledge and education to the people we reach.

What benefits have resulted from this program?

         The biggest benefits are valuable lessons about God, relationships, life, and therapeutic moments . Other benefits include hard work, caring for living things, parallel lessons between Biblical truths and farming, knowing where food comes from, understanding nutrition, group projects, new experiences, problem-solving, preparing food from scratch, budgeting, crop scheduling and rotation, business skills (selling at a farmer’s market), and so much more!  The program has grown and we hope will continue to grow to continue benefiting current and future populations.

How can I help?

· Volunteer (per week, or month, or year) 

· Partner with us (come teach a session, share a skill, invite us to participate in your organization’s program, provide resources, etc.)

· Sponsor/donate (we have needs such as storage, new tools, plants, seeds, educational supplies; we have a dream to create an outdoor educational kitchen, pavilion/storage and walking garden; and we ultimately hope to be independently funded so as not to take away from the financial resources of our residents.

Contact pete@kingshome.com

For over 45 years, King’s Home has been home to hundreds of youth, women, and children seeking refuge, hope, and help from abuse, neglect, abandonment, homelessness, and other difficult and impoverished conditions and circumstances. King's Home is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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Pete Arner - King's Garden Co-Director


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